The Department of Social Rehabilitation of Children with Mental and Physical Disabilities


The Department of Rehabilitation is one of the organizational development that aims to design and implement complex of social rehabilitation services for children with special needs. The main goal of activities of the Department is to recover personal and social status of these children and to integrate them into the society.

The Department consists of the following services:

• Social-medical assistance service;
• Day care group for children with disabilities.

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There are various professionals work within the Department, such as teachers, speech therapists, pathologists, artistic expression therapists, psychologists, social workers, pediatrician, neurologist, dietetic service nurse, psychotherapist, musician, nurses and other social work experts.

The Department is embodied by the following equipped consulting rooms:

• speech therapists and pathologists consulting room;
• consulting room of psychologists;
• multisensory room and the lekotek;
• art studio;
• video game therapy room;
• music hall;
• doctor's consulting rooms.

The main forms of the Department's work are the following:

• Day care group for 15 children;
• Outpatient stay;
• In-home services.

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After the primary inspection of the child and his/her family the Pedagogical Psychological Consultation (PPC) of the Centre appoints the form, tendencies and duration of rehabilitation services for them.

The priority direction of the whole system of the rehabilitation services provided by the Department is the social adaptation of children and teenagers with disabilities.

Main goals of the Department are following:

1. Continuity skilled work on rehabilitation of the child with special needs;
2. Design and implementation of personal rehabilitation programs that save unharmed functions of the child;
3. Internal and external cooperation of the Centre to solve problems of the disabled child including interagency cooperation with the public health, educational and welfare entities;
4. Drawing parents of the child with disabilities into the rehabilitation activities;
5. Shift of attitudes of the society to the children who experience disabilities.

Specialists of the Department provide rehabilitation and support in fields of psychology, pedagogics, household, inhabitancy, sociocultural, medical, legal aid, distance education, domestic visits, day care (under "Mary Poppins" project) and socialization of the kids with special needs using innovative techniques of the lekotek and datatek (under "The Learning While Playing" project).

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All of the services provided by the Department are free.

The Centre works for the children who lives within Tomsk city and meets the need of abilitation and rehabilitation for reasons of their health and own development.

All of the services can be appointed within the Department by further medical grounds:

• mental retardation (both mild and moderate) without any apparent psychopatholike behavioral disorders including aggression, sexual disinhibition, asocial behavior that can be unsafe for the others in any way;
• organic encephalopathies resulting from craniocerebral injuries, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, without any convulsive paroxysms that require special medical treatment, monitoring or drug relief.
• organic diseases of central nervous system with any movement disorders;
• psychological development and mental disorders with autistic symptomatology caused any adaptation disorders of a child;
• children speech pathology;
• mental retardation resulting from educational and social abandonment.

Preferences to be served by the Department are given to children from the broken or underprovided families and also to the families of dependent children or families of parents who experience disabilities. The Department does not provide any services for children who experience nicotine dependence for reasons of fire safety.

Contraindications to the services appointment are all of the acute or decompensation conditions of any diseases, active phases of any malignant neoplasms, cachexia in any origin, or any acute germ diseases.

Further information can be provided on your request.

The services within the Department are provided in convenient and safety environment. Every child is assured for a personal care and may cover his/her requirements within his/her own favors while playing, communicating, perception, create, leisure, working on arts and crafts.

Location of the Department is:
9 Artema Street, Tomsk, Russia


The head of the Department is Tatyana Petrovna Danilchuk

Phone No +7 (3822) 58-50-69
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Operating hours of the Department:
Mon.-Fri. 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

* Tomsk time zone is UTC+06:00 (RTZ 5, Moscow +3)

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