Our Services

Our Center provides legal aid, social, psychological, pedagogical, medical care, economic and personal services for the families and children in difficult life situations.

The capacity of the Center is 40 children between the ages of 3 to 18 years old, including 25 kids in difficult life situations plus 15 children with disabilities. All of the services are available on personal demand of one of the parents, or other legal representatives of the child. The Center is opened for children as a day care daily from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

There are 3 groups working with children in the Center:

• preschool for children from families who face difficult life situations;
• preschool for children who experience mental and physical disabilities;
• mixed group of children with mental and physical disabilities and children from families who face difficult life situations together

Forms of Work

1. Short-term Group for children.
2. Day-care Group for children from families who face difficult life situations and children with special needs of preschool age. Full day. Scattershot group.
3. Day-care Group for children from families who face difficult life situations and children with special needs of school age. While out of study (morning to dinner, or dinner to evening).
4. Short-term Groups «Special child» for children with autism or Down Syndrome. There are a pathologist, speech therapist, psychologist, tutor, and musician who work with the children.
5. Out-patient. The parent and the child visit experts of the Center together.
6. Lekotek (supervised play with adapted toys) for children of an early age. The lekotek aims to provide psychological and pedagogical support to young children with developmental disorders to socialize, to form of preconditions of educational activity, to support of development of the children's personality, and also to render psychological and pedagogical assistance to parents (or legal representatives).
7. Domestic visitation with an assessment of the level of development of children on KID and RCDI scales. The purpose of domestic visitation is support parents and training them how to take care of the child and develop him (her) in everyday life. Using «Training packages» experts of the Center help parents to select and adjust the special adaptations. They train the family members how to move the child indoors, place him (her) in bed, and do exercises to prevent increasing of developmental disorders.
8. Psychological and pedagogical support, legal aid, and medical care to families and children within the Center.
9. Outreach consulting services of the pediatrist, the social pedagogue, the psychologist, and the expert in social work in eleven settlements of the Tomskiy District of Tomsk Region within the work of mobile emergency teams.
10. Implementation of rehabilitation programs of case-specific technology for families at an early stage of crisis.
11. Psychological and pedagogical support of substitution families (custody, foster families).
12. Club activity, hobby groups, and self-help groups both for parents and children.

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