Division of Informational and Methodic Work

otd compThe Division of Informational and Methodic Work is a new direction for our Center as well as for the Tomsk Regional social care institutions for children in a difficult life situation. This work direction appeared in the Center in 2011. The Division takes an active part in all events and programs connected with improvement of computer skills of residents and workers the field of social care for family and children. The work is supervised by Valentina M. Batiy.

In July 2011 a computer class was opened in the Center with the great help of our sponsors and friends, and our Center became to be the first in the Tomsk Region and one of the first social care institutions for minors in the country where children in difficult situations can access rehabilitation services via computer.

The Division’s tasks:

  • Participation in development and supporting the website of the Center.
  • Widespread development, support and implementation of software for child and family protection registerregistry? throughout the Tomsk Region.
  • Communication with departments of the Center for development and writing social projects directed to development of social services for families with children, improvement of facilities and equipment of the Center, development of informational and communicational technologies in the Center.
  • Maintenance and development of a fleet of computers of the Center.
  • Development and implementation of new information technologies and software.
  • Information security.
  • Raising the professional skill level of the staff by hands-on use of new information technologies and software.
  • Organizing the interagency communication (executive bodies, guardianship bodies, juvenile services, police, orphanages, social rehabilitation centers, etc.) for identifying and accounting for the children and families in a difficult life situation.
  • Gathering and processing the regional databases used in the orphanages and social care centers for children in a difficult situation.
  • Study, analysis, generalization and spreading of the successful experience of work with families and children.
  • Preparing of informational and methodic booklets, conducting workshops for the specialists working with families and children.
  • Direction of group and personal supervision with specialists,s appointed to be "case curator", as well with other specialists working with families, managing "difficult" cases.

Participation in monitoring of children's state and progress, the process of family rehabilitation.

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