A child is the mirror of the family;
as the sun is reflected in a drop of the water,
so the moral purity of the mother and father
is reflected in the child.
Vasiliy A. Sukhomlinskiy

dir3Welcome! We are glad to see you on the website of Ogonyok, the Regional State Budgetary Institution "Social Assistance Center for Families and Children of Tomsk City"!
For 14 years Ogonyok was a social rehabilitation center for children that provided support to families and children who face difficult life situations. In the middle of April 2012 we became the Social Assistance Center for Family and Children. We expanded our field of activity, and opened our doors for children with physical and mental disabilities.
Our website can be useful both for families and children who are in difficult life situations as well as for professionals in the field of social rehabilitation of children. We conduct our scientific and methodical research on a regular basis. And all of the papers published on the website could be interesting for our colleagues from other regions. Also you can find here any information about the Center's activities, projects, plans, business partners, and services. You may become familiar with the methods we have developed for working effectively with families and children in a difficult life situations, and sign up for our seminars.
Through this website we hope you may become inspired to become a sponsor and to provide some help to children who need it. Then you can help children personally and moreover, you will see the results of your donation!
We work for the sake of healthy families and children because we believe strongly that only a society with harmonic and happy families where mutual understanding, mutual assistance, mutual respect, and love prevail is a strong society.
Director of the Center,
Tatyana Mol'kina

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